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What Curriculum to Aim Toward?

by Ellen Mandeville

“Let no one ignorant of geometry enter here.”

– inscription above the gate of Plato’s Academy in Athens

The ancient Greeks believed that the universe was ordered upon logical, discoverable, mathematical theorems; and that discovering mathematical theorems gave humanity a view into the workings of the universe. Mathematics is foundational to all of learning in that it demands clarity of thought, develops logical thinking, inspires self-reliance in thinking, and trains students to think abstractly. (The Educated Child, pp. 279-280, by Bennett, Finn and Cribb)

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Ten Principles for Parents of Educated Children

– from the back cover of The Educated Child


Parents are the first and most important teachers.


Your teaching must not stop when schooling starts.


The early years build the foundation for all later learning. Make it sturdy.


American schools are underperforming. Trust but verify.


Learning requires discipline; discipline requires values.


Follow your common sense.


Content matters: what children study determines how well they learn.


Television is an enemy of good education.


Education reform is possible. You can change the system.


Aim high, expect much, and children will prosper.

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Understanding the Idaho Math Initiative and Blaine County School Districts Math Curriculum

Monday, October 17th

12- 1 pm: Ketchum Community Library (not the YMCA as had been publicized on flyers)

6:30-8pm: Wood River Middle School Multi-Purpose Room

Guest speaker: Jonathan Brendefur, PhD.

Dr. Brendefur is professor of Mathematics Education at Boise State University. He directs the Initiative for Developing Mathematical Thinking and has provided mathematics professional development to over 12,000 teachers across the state, including Blaine County. He is published in numerous journals and has presented at over 60 different conferences nationally and internationally.

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Hailey Parent Math Meeting Minutes

Again, I’m sure I missed information and made errors.  Please correct me through comments below or via email:


Hailey Parent Math Meeting

minutes by Ellen Mandeville

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Hemingway Parent Math Meeting Minutes

Following are the minutes for the Parent Math Meeting held at Ernest Hemingway Elementary School on October 10, 2011.

I know that I did not catch quite everything that was said at the meeting. As well, I’m sure I’ve made some errors. Either through a comment below or via email, please correct me on my errors and omissions.   Continue reading

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