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Twin Falls School District: Idaho Gender Identity Policy Pioneer

October 2015 saw the first ever Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation school district policy adopted in Idaho, which happened in the Twin Falls School District (TFSD). Also adopted the same day and included in the preceding link is the TFSD Equal Education, Nondiscrimination, and Sex Equity policy. The Gender Identity policy does not appear to be substantially different from the newly adopted BCSD Gender Inclusion policy, but is more detailed regarding initial communication with transgender students to accommodate their needs.

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Sun Reporter Seeks Interviewees, RE: BCSD Gender Inclusion Policy

Jean Jacques Bohl, reporter for The Weekly Sun and radio host at KDPI, 88.5 FM in Ketchum, is writing an article on the newly adopted BCSD Gender Inclusion Policy. Continue reading

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Gender Inclusion Policy Adopted by BCSD Board of Trustees

Biologically opposite sexes identifying as the same gender will now be allowed to share school bathrooms, locker rooms, and overnight sleeping accommodations due to a 2-1 vote by the Board of Trustees adopting Gender Inclusion Policy 502.12 into BCSD District Policy and Procedures. Trustees Cami Bustos and Rob Clayton voted in favor of adoption while Chairman of the Board Shawn Bennion voted against. Continue reading


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