Negotiation Terms

Trustees offer “one-time negotiatiation for compensation” with BCSD administrators

Following is the verbiage of the motion BCSD Trustees passed last night for a one-time negotiatiation for compensation with school district administrators: 

Trustee Cami Bustos made a motion that allows the Board to enter into a negotiation agreement with the administrators with Dr. Holmes working out the logistical details of said agreement as far as dates, facilitators, which allows for 2-3 Board members depending on the upcoming appointment to sit at the table with the same amount of administrators with Dr. Holmes as a non-voting adviser as well as Mr. Fletcher as a non-voting adviser to enter into a one-time negotiation for compensation and as per Idaho Code, the negotiations will then be ratified by both parties. There may be 2-3 non-voting advisers. Trustee Corker seconded the motion and it passed 3-0 by roll call vote.

The meeting can be viewed at:


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