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Trustees offer “one-time negotiatiation for compensation” with BCSD administrators

Following is the verbiage of the motion BCSD Trustees passed last night for a one-time negotiatiation for compensation with school district administrators:  Continue reading


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Administrators Join Teamsters; Trustees to Negotiate Admin Contracts

Process instigated by Trustees in April 2016: see comments

BCSD Trustees agreed to enter into a “one-time negotiation” with school district administrators regarding employment contracts. Both parties’ approval will be needed to ratify any decisions made, according to the approved motion.

School district administrators have become paid members of the Teamsters Union in anticipation of contract negotiations with the Board of Trustees. Continue reading


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Continuing My Bid: Vacant Zone 3 BCSD School Board Seat

Pioneer Cabin: finding a geocache with my husband and children.

Pioneer Cabin: finding a geocache with my husband and children.

In spite of four Zone 3 residents applying for the vacant School Board seat, the sitting trustees were unable to come to a consensus on September 20th and failed to appoint a new Trustee. The webcast of the applicant interviews can be seen here. The last fifteen minutes display the deliberations by the trustees.

Today, in accordance with state statutes, the volunteer position opens to applicants from all five school board zones in Blaine County. Any previous applicants wishing to continue are required to submit another Letter of Interest.

I submitted the following letter this morning (my first Letter of Interest follows after): Continue reading

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Twin Falls School District: Idaho Gender Identity Policy Pioneer

October 2015 saw the first ever Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation school district policy adopted in Idaho, which happened in the Twin Falls School District (TFSD). Also adopted the same day and included in the preceding link is the TFSD Equal Education, Nondiscrimination, and Sex Equity policy. The Gender Identity policy does not appear to be substantially different from the newly adopted BCSD Gender Inclusion policy, but is more detailed regarding initial communication with transgender students to accommodate their needs.

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Sun Reporter Seeks Interviewees, RE: BCSD Gender Inclusion Policy

Jean Jacques Bohl, reporter for The Weekly Sun and radio host at KDPI, 88.5 FM in Ketchum, is writing an article on the newly adopted BCSD Gender Inclusion Policy. Continue reading

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