Gender Inclusion Policy Adopted by BCSD Board of Trustees

Biologically opposite sexes identifying as the same gender will now be allowed to share school bathrooms, locker rooms, and overnight sleeping accommodations due to a 2-1 vote by the Board of Trustees adopting Gender Inclusion Policy 502.12 into BCSD District Policy and Procedures. Trustees Cami Bustos and Rob Clayton voted in favor of adoption while Chairman of the Board Shawn Bennion voted against. Vice Chair Elizabeth Corker was away and unable to attend via phone as had been planned. There are currently only four trustees as the seat for Zone 3 is vacant.

The policy has admirable goals. “The purpose of this policy is to facilitate compliance with applicable laws and organizational guidelines as well as to foster an educational environment in the Blaine County School District that is safe, supportive, and fully inclusive for all students, regardless of gender identity or gender expression.” Several people spoke in favor of adopting the policy, including a former student who outlined the difficulties of being transgender in a binary gender environment. Many others expressed concern that the policy as presently written would not meet the stated goals, would introduce new risks to the entire student population, and would expose the School District to the possibility of lawsuit. They asked the board to take more time to consider the ramifications of this policy and the fact that it is “doing something that has never been done,” according to Trustee Clayton during the Board discussion. Although all the trustees present expressed concern for the nature, gravity, and importance of the policy, and made comments that possibly more time for consideration was merited, the policy was adopted in a 2-1 vote later in the meeting.


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7 responses to “Gender Inclusion Policy Adopted by BCSD Board of Trustees

  1. Jean Bohl

    Jean Jacques Bohl. I am a reporter for the Weekly Sun. Heard your comments at the Board meeting tonight. Would like to meet/ talk to you about the Board’s vote.

    You can reach me at 7202160 or

    Thank you.

    Jean Jacques Bohl Reporter for The Weekly Sun Radio host at KDPI, 88.5 FM in Ketchum 208 720 2160


  2. I attended this meeting last night and listened carefully to public comments. The majority of these comments made by vested adults of this community were opposed to this policy. I am deeply concerned and believe that this policy places the majority of students at risk and the potential ramifications of it could be devastating. This elected board did not represent the majority and this policy needs to be delayed and revised!!

    • Theresa

      How does it put other students at risk and is there evidence of trans students harming other students in school districts that have similar policies?

      Los Angeles school district has had such a policy in place for for over a decade and have not indicated any problems as a result. Why would Blaine county be more susceptible to problems then a school district as large as Los Angeles from such a policy?

  3. Concerned_Parent_99

    I was not able to attend the meeting last night as I was out of town. I am however parent of a WRHS student I’m opposed to this new policy. I do empathize with what these kids and their families are feeling however I do not feel that a minority should precedence over majority. It is also concerning on how sports awards and scholarships will be handed out. Males are built differently than females and would seem to have an advantage playing a female sport. Will a male now be able to take a position away from a female because he can jump higher or run faster? During overnights will they bunk these kids up in the same beds as they do with kids of the same sex? Its always funny to hear the stories of someone sleep talking or putting their arm over another team mate in their sleep, will it be as funny when this happens with the opposing sex? In locker rooms, I’m assuming these children haven’t gone through any surgeries, so when they go to change will they be conservative or will they be the type that are proud and flaunt? I remember girls who didn’t mind showering in front of each other and others that would rather be the smelly girl. Who can say how each transgender will conduct themselves? These are but a few concerns I have on this policy.

    • BCSD Policy Number 503.4 outlines clear guidelines for transgender students to participate in sports activities in the gender with which they identify. It is based on whether or not the student undergoing medical procedures. Part of this policy states:
      “1. A female-to-male transgender student athlete who is taking a medically prescribed hormone treatment under a physician’s care for the purposes of gender transition may participate only on a boys’ team.
      “2. A male-to-female transgender student athlete who is not taking hormone treatment related to gender transition may participate only on a boys’ team.
      “3. A male-to-female transgender student athlete who is taking medically prescribed hormone treatment under a physician’s care for the purposes of gender transition may participate on a boys’ team at any time, but must complete one year of hormone treatment related to the gender transition before competing on a girls’ team.”

    • Theresa

      What is constantly ignored and lost from these discussions is that trans girls are girls and trans boys are boys. Treating a trans girl as a boy or forcing her to be one is the same as doing so to any other girl. It is cruel. It is damaging. It is dangerous for her. The argument is always the same though, the comfort of the majority should come first.

      People will say they have nothing against trans people, do not wish them harm, or that they empathize with them while at the same time advocating that trans people suffer so to keep every one else comfortable.

      Re sports: it is addressed adequately in the policy. A male to female transsexual on hormone therapy will have similar muscle mass as other females.

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