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Idaho Mt. Express: District settles with McKinstry

Well done Trustees and Mr. Chatterton! Thank you for working hard for this settlement and for ensuring that the details would be made public as is right. Again, Well Done!

Idaho Mountain Express: District settles with McKinstry – October 16, 2013.

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Gosh, I guess it was High Noon

It was time for the School District Trustees to cut our losses, but Barber certainly drew blood in the terms of his separation agreement.

High Noon — I love this video!

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Barber takes $600,000 out of School District Coffers

from the 10/10/13 BCSD Press Release:

Trustee Kathryn Graves stated, “We recognize that this is a substantial sum of taxpayer money, but felt that the leadership considerations outweighed the financial consideration.”

Former vice chair Don Nurge kept saying in School Board meetings that we were “getting full value for our money.” I differed in my opinion with him then and I continue to do so now. Continue reading


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