Gender Inclusion Policy Adopted by BCSD Board of Trustees

Biologically opposite sexes identifying as the same gender will now be allowed to share school bathrooms, locker rooms, and overnight sleeping accommodations due to a 2-1 vote by the Board of Trustees adopting Gender Inclusion Policy 502.12 into BCSD District Policy and Procedures. Trustees Cami Bustos and Rob Clayton voted in favor of adoption while Chairman of the Board Shawn Bennion voted against. Continue reading


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Sex Crimes Affecting Area Schools Shock Valley

No one wants to read the following in their local paper:handcuffs

A private school in Sun Valley and a public school in Hailey have suffered taints to their reputation within the past few weeks by allegatinos of sex crimes committed by two separate men against the same 13-year-old boy.

And yet, that is exactly what Wood River area residents are reading in today’s issue of The Weekly Sun. Charges have been filed against a former teacher at The Community School in Sun Valley and a former lover of the Alturas Elementary School principal. Both the Blaine County School District and the Sheriff’s office have stated the school principal is not a suspect in the ongoing investigation. Area newspapers have published the following articles:

Local Schools Affected By Sex Crimes

Rape suspect still in custody at jail

Man charged with rape of 13-year-old boy

Sun Valley teacher charged with sexual abuse

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Recall attempt aims at Gooding school board member

Julie Wooten writes on

A group of Gooding community members submitted a pre-recall petition seeking to get School Board member David Reeves out of office.

Read the full article: Gooding School Board Member is Target of Recall

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Barber fails to recognize new leadership era for BCSD

The many changes in governing positions have ushered in a new leadership era for Blaine County School District. Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Steve Guthrie, was voted out May 2013. Vice-Chair, Don Nurge, resigned soon thereafter. Former Superintendent, Lonnie Barber, signed a Separation Agreement in September 2013—the Trustees sited “differences in leadership style.” Guthrie’s successor as Chairman, Paul Bates, resigned last week because minors had been drinking alcohol in his home on New Year’s Eve.

Our current Board of Trustees demonstrated decisive action when responding to the recent social hosting event at former Chairman Paul Bates’ home. Continue reading

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Compare/Contrast tests: Common Core (SBAC) and ISAT

How does the new Common Core testing compare/contrast to the previously used ISAT testing? Below are two links to sample each type of test. I have not yet tried them myself, but wanted to make them available to BlaineParents readers. I’ll be trying my hand at them later today.

Continue reading

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