You are Grudgingly Invited to Volunteer

There is an article in today’s Mt. Express regarding the process to apply for membership in the science instructional materials adoption committee. Terry Smith solicited and quoted my opinion. I made another comment online.

What do you think of the recent BCSD process to apply for membership on the science instructional materials committee?

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One response to “You are Grudgingly Invited to Volunteer

  1. Alison Ruggeri

    I wish they would put as much effort into vetting curricula as they did into making sure no one from the “parent community” could possibly pass their application process.
    First, the amount of time given to apply: really?
    Second, the wording for who was an acceptable candidate surely was targeted towards those who had voiced concern (and/or outrage) at the math curriculum that was chosen last year.
    Unfortunately, my husband Erik, with a degree in physics and a believer in the importance of science in education today, would have been a perfect candidate.
    But….he was out of town on business all last week and missed the 3 day announcement/deadline AND he voiced some remarks to Patti McClean regarding the implementation of the math curriculum which she found “offensive”. So he had no chance from the get-go.
    Way to go school board!!!!

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