Webcast of BCSD January Board Meeting

There have been some comments in the Mt. Express and here regarding the public comment portion of the BCSD January meeting. For those interested, the webcast has been posted to the BlaineSchools.org website. The time in the meeting of the comments are as follows:

Tom Bailey speaks as President of the Community Drug Coalition: 36:00

Steve Guthrie speaks regarding academic rigor: 44:35

Lonnie Barber rants about a few things: 50:45

I speak about Paul Bates’ resignation: 54:26

After the public comment period, Superintendent Blackman addresses what is underway within the school district and the community regarding underage substance use and abuse as well as suicide prevention. Superintendent Blackman spoke eloquently on these issues. I am glad that he is currently at the helm of our school district.

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