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Tachyon lives on an island in the sea, but has spent his career in software and silicon for computers, smartphones and personal massage products. He thinks Tommy Bahama has the best job in the world. Tachyon appreciates good service in the skies-- as he spends too much time up there.

What the Community Asked For… in Unambiguous Terms

I noted with considerable amusement the comments by Mr. Guthrie and Dr. Barber in last week’s rebuttal to the Mountain Express editorial about the McKinstry debacle: School District did the right thing.

It is humorous to see how quickly the District plays “the strategy card” in defending their race to raise-and-spend the $60M levy proceeds on “green” technologies.  That defense is based around the argument that BCSD decisions were driven by “unprecedented community input”.  The fact is that the community DID turn out in droves for long, interminable sessions of surveys, comments and Q&A.  And, there was a very rigorous process of collecting community comments…  only this is what the community said:

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WRHS/BCSD SAT Scores– Waiting for Godot?

Many of you, who follow the District, know that I’ve had a long-term interest in the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) test scores in the Blaine County School District.  I’d noticed an anomaly in our average scores a few years ago and have made it a bit of a hobby (along with tracking college admissions) to see how we are doing annually.

Even though we talk a lot about measuring our successes relative to the annual administration of ISAT tests, the reality is that for our college-bound graduates their SAT scores (along with GPA ) are the most important measures of their readiness for university-level work.   Continue reading


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