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Recall attempt aims at Gooding school board member

Julie Wooten writes on

A group of Gooding community members submitted a pre-recall petition seeking to get School Board member David Reeves out of office.

Read the full article: Gooding School Board Member is Target of Recall

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Atlanta School Cheating Scandal – Could it Happen Here?

The Parents Union Blog

Here is one parent’s nightmare come to life…

As reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:  Justina Collins said she knew something was wrong when her daughter, in third grade at Cascade Elementary, scored poorly in reading but had exceptional scores on the standardized Criterion-Referenced Competency Test. Confused, Justina  said school administrators told her that they couldn’t help her daughter improve her reading and that she simply did well on standardized tests.

“As a parent who wants the best for her child, I’m very disappointed,” said Collins, whose daughter is now in the ninth grade, but reads at a fifth-grade level. “She wasn’t where she needed to be. To try to help her catch up, I did the best I could as a parent with the resources that were at hand.”

Caring educators and parents across the nation were shocked and dismayed at the recent indictments of teachers, principals and Atlanta…

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