Times-News: Blaine School Official Leaves with $600K Agreement

from Alison Gene Smith’s balanced article in the Twin Falls Times-News:

“Mandeville said it was time for Barber to go.

“’I feel he was a weak hand at the helm, Mandeville said. ‘He wasn’t leading us where we want to go.’

“Mandeville said she felt Barber lacked leadership, could be dismissive and had a temper.”

Which is my blunt way of restating the Oct. 10th BCSD press release: “Both parties also acknowledged the changing dynamics of the relationship and recognized that a positive culture is vital to student success.”

“…changing dynamics of the relationship…” Obviously the Trustees saw that Lonnie Barber wasn’t contributing to the positive culture which is vital to student success.

Times-News: Blaine School Official Leaves with $600K Agreement.

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