Lawsuit with McKinstry Settled!!

Highlights of the settlement between BCSD Trustees and McKinstry:

  • McKinstry dropped its claims of approximately $7-million
  • Blaine County School District received guaranteed $9.5-million in energy savings over the next 25 years
  • McKinstry agreed to pay $800,000 toward legal fees
  • Blaine County School District negotiated an additional $2-million for installation of interactive education tools, and for the reduction of other costs including maintenance and operation costs

BCSD Trustees Announce Lawsuit Settlement With McKinstry

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One response to “Lawsuit with McKinstry Settled!!

  1. terry bierber

    Dear Parents, don’t be fooled.
    McKinstry likely did have something to do with the Superintendent leaving, the same thing happened in King County WA.
    McKinstry project was over budget, tried to levy $Millions is cost overruns, an employee held them accountable, Ash Awad, VP for McKinstry, tied to Obama, WA Governor, probably your Council, went the political route and the employee was forced to leave.
    Also McKinstry will do everything possible to lie about actual savings, also the case in King County.

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