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NYT: Felony Counts for 2 in Suicide of Bullied 12-Year-Old

Let’s not let this type of event happen in Blaine County:

Felony Counts for 2 in Suicide of Bullied 12-Year-Old –

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Lawsuit with McKinstry Settled!!

Highlights of the settlement between BCSD Trustees and McKinstry:

  • McKinstry dropped its claims of approximately $7-million
  • Blaine County School District received guaranteed $9.5-million in energy savings over the next 25 years
  • McKinstry agreed to pay $800,000 toward legal fees
  • Blaine County School District negotiated an additional $2-million for installation of interactive education tools, and for the reduction of other costs including maintenance and operation costs

BCSD Trustees Announce Lawsuit Settlement With McKinstry

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Times-News: Blaine School Official Leaves with $600K Agreement

from Alison Gene Smith’s balanced article in the Twin Falls Times-News:

“Mandeville said it was time for Barber to go.

“’I feel he was a weak hand at the helm, Mandeville said. ‘He wasn’t leading us where we want to go.’

“Mandeville said she felt Barber lacked leadership, could be dismissive and had a temper.” Continue reading

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BCSD Website New Look

My daughter and I discovered the new look of the BCSD website while en route to Skyward. Go check it out:

Blaine County School District Home Page.

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Gosh, I guess it was High Noon

It was time for the School District Trustees to cut our losses, but Barber certainly drew blood in the terms of his separation agreement.

High Noon — I love this video!

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